Boldness: push past the fear

As I write this, so many thoughts are flooding my mind about times in my life where I have been full of fear. This reminds me of my humanity, my frailty. I don't like that if I'm honest. I'm one of those people who likes to take a challenge head on, and conquer it...especially if you try and challenge me, I won't easily back down. 

Most of my life this did not describe me at all. Growing up I was always categorized as shy, timid, and quiet. I do still love to be quiet sometimes. In fact, I feel soooo refreshed when I get to just be by myself with a book, or my own thoughts, and just breathe in the quiet. Ahhhhhh, that's actually quite blissful to me, especially considering the season of life that I am in with a household full of kids! 

I think mainly hardship has taught me to be bold. Being laughed at, being told by someone you aren't any good at something, walking through death of loved ones, financial struggles, all of these things have actually made me more bold. The truth is, we all have fear in this life, and a lot of us have fear of what people think of us especially. I'm no different than anyone in this regard. What I am different in than some of you is that I push past my fear on a regular basis. I've realized the things that scare me a lot of times are the things I care most about, and the things I really want to see happen in my life! 

Especially if you are a person pursuing creativity in any way, let me encourage you with these thoughts today...

                          Is there anyone else in the world as bold as an artist? He creates a work and has the boldness to sign it, telling the world, "Look at this! I created it." And a singer, "Hear me, I am singing." And a writer, "Read this, I wrote it."      

Whatever you are pursuing, remember to push past the fear, and you will see you are capable of so much more than you first believed.