It has felt like a long winter. I live in the balmy South and I can't say that winter is my favorite even though I tend to have a milder experience than most I am sure. This winter I have felt the lack of Vitamin D in my life, let's just say that! At the beginning of this year especially I have experienced the effects of all of the different "storms" I have encountered over the past five years. You can call it "seasons" or "storms", these are times that we all have to face. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, or times of high stress, daily relational challenges or health issues, we will without a doubt, encounter these tough moments. 

I was exercising this morning in our living room, as I do every day, and this painting caught my eye. It's funny how a painting will sit there for months and not talk, then all of a sudden you hear or see something new. This phrase wouldn't leave my mind, "Who do you turn to when you are in a storm?" For me, there is really only one place. My Father in heaven. He is the only thing that has truly kept me safe and sane over my years of hardship. My family and friends get me through as well, but no human has the capacity to truly help you at the heart level like the Father can. God be with you in all of your storms. Peace, friends.