Standing at your Door

This was one of those paintings that I just couldn't figure out. We all have those things, a song we can't seem to finish, unfinished books, lots of things in our life require so much effort it seems like we will never be finished. This painting represents the value of creating. The not-so inspiring moments that you trudge through and keep going. This is the majority of our lives. 

I started this painting in a completely different direction, to which I ended up scrapping and covering over in a different paint combination. Then, I didn't like my new color combination. Then I thought, maybe I should turn the direction of the canvas, so I changed the physical direction of it. No, that wasn't it. I put it back in portrait mode and kept painting. I painted from my heart. I went back to the colors that I love, the colors that are speaking to me right now. When I was finally feeling right about my work, I tried something new again. A new shape for me emerged. 

I'm not gonna lie. I didn't know if I even liked it at first. It stayed on my easel for a while in case I wasn't finished. My husband hung it on the wall one day and took a picture. Seeing it proudly displayed on the wall, in that moment, I was done...and I liked it! I try to work this way as an artist, to persevere, to keep creating when I am unsure, to work until I am satisfied. It's where the real work is hidden.