Mineral, Fuchsia Monks, Mirror Glass

I wanted to take the time to explain several paintings to you. It's my intention to be a little more vulnerable with you all, and let you into a little more of my process. After all, it's what makes me who I am as a person, and as an artist. So, here goes...

I have several paintings that I have allowed for some "white space." To me, white space is beautiful. It gives me the feeling that I can breathe, that I have room, and I can think clearly. In my life I am always longing for that kind of space. I love to reflect on things that you can't just see with your eyes, but things you feel, or things that are below the surface. So, white space started naturally making its way into my paintings. And, out of that space, something different emerges, and I believe you can see more clearly than before. That is where the jewels are hidden, and you find that things have the room that they need to grow. 

I have a series of paintings that I have allowed for a great deal of white space, and the shapes and color that have emerged from them is something that I see as a place of discovery. Like a builder who has to evolve blueprints and continually figure out the details, this is what I see emerging out of my "white space". There is a plan, but there is room to discover and grow and allow for new colors and shapes to emerge.