Folly Clouds

I have been wanting to start a blog series telling you all more in depth about the meaning behind some of my paintings. So, here goes...


I have always ways felt a strong connection with God, with myself, and with others every time I am out in nature. When I think about my life, some of my most favorite moments have been lived outside. Growing up, we were privileged to take a trip to the coast every summer. I can remember playing for hours on end, totally content with life, and soaking up every last drop. As an adult, every time I am there, it is much of the same feeling. And now, I can experience it all over again seeing it through the eyes of my children. 

I love seeing all types of landscape, in fact, if anyone out there wants to sponsor me and send me on a trip anywhere, I'd most likely take you up on it! But, seriously! I have always felt a special connection to the coast. I love the sprawling landscape of sand, & ocean as far as the eye can see. I physically feel grounded and so at home when I am there. In particular I love seeing the dramatic clouds that form. They appear larger than life and such a different view than the city. I deeply connect to showing natural things in a different way. I am not a realist painter, and I don't strive to be. I like to use color to convey emotion and give the viewer a new interpretation on something ordinary. So, this is my interpretation of my love for the sky and the beach. 

A few years back I painted a painting called "Cloud and Birds", (you can view it here on my website). It was my first painting that showed my fascination with the beach. Since then, I have continued to explore this theme, and I am sure there are more to come.