creativity inspires.

To create is one of the passions of my life, and I love to witness it in others. Lately I've been thinking about our choice as creators to see the beauty in someone else's work and let it resonate in you. There is competition everywhere, and it is easy to take on the mentality that what you do is either "not good enough", or "better than everyone else." I know that some comparison is necessary to grow, but it is often a thief of our self worth, and a thief of letting what someone else has created truly affect you. That's why I love art, it can truly affect you. Maybe sometime in the near future I will review a painter, or several painters for you that I admire, but this post was actually inspired by a recent meal I enjoyed. This meal was so thoughtfully crafted and expertly  prepared that I was in awe and inspired being able to watch them work. Thank you to the team at McCrady's in Charleston. It was such an amazing experience.