I remember always having an affinity for color. "What color crayon do I want to use? What color shirt do I want to wear? Wow, those flowers are such a pretty color. The sky is a pretty color today." Those of us who are artists probably think these thoughts more than the average person, yet I think we all notice color. Color is a language. It is an expression of emotion, an opportunity to say something without having to use words. It's one of my favorite forms of communication, and a passion of mine to communicate through color. No, I don't always know exactly what I am "saying" when I am painting, but the very act of the paint coming through my unique hand and reaching my canvas is an expression in and of itself. I love to find my voice through color. It's something I will continue to explore and deeply matters to me as an artist. It's something I want to impart to my children, and to the artistic community at large.